MemCom 2015 - the 15th annual membership marketing conference - Conference theme - Engagement

Main conference stream – Engagement Strategy - High level case studies and speakers...Following the MemCom tradition these speakers will mainly be at a senior level in professional bodies. The theme of engagement will be explored looking not just at member engagement but how membership  bodies are engaging with all stakeholders and important audiences which can influence the impact and success of the organisation and its role in its sector. From non-members to government, employers, sector skills bodies and others.  More

Main Conference Stream 2015 – Engagement Strategy

This stream is for those influencing the strategic direction of the organisation and looking to understand how advances in member engagement can really make a difference to the impact and relevancy of the organisation within its sector and beyond. More

Stream 1 - 2015 - Maximising engagement through technology and interactivity

There’s a lot for those involved in membership marketing to consider in the use of technology and social media. How far do you go with your CRM system? What are the benefits of social media integration?  Who is making the right choices and what benefits are accruing? This stream aims to provide - useful insights through research, case studies and expert knowledge into what is working and what changes you need to keep up with. More

Stream 2 - 2015 - Thought leadership and content delivery

How are membership organisations using their and their members knowledge effectively? What are the challenges or opportunities posed by membership organisations offering that knowledge in bite-sized formats outside the membership subscription structure? What is happening in content delivery and usage? What constitutes a step improvement in thought leadership which really makes those in sector take a fresh look at a membership organisation? These and other issues will be explored by expert speakers. More

MemCom Membership Marketing Awards 2015

Familiar and new categories are now open for entry  - Following many successful years of the awards the categories have undergone a refresh with support and input from the  Membership Marketing Director’s Group.
The awards membership marketing and product development emphasis continues...  More

MemCom 2014 - "If only more conferences were like this"

The sun was shining and there was a real buzz in the air at the annual MemCom Membership Marketing Conference and Awards.  Over 200 people gathered at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) last Wednesday for a morning of inspiring presentations and challenging debate followed by a celebration of the best in membership marketing at a packed Awards lunch. More

MemCom Membership Awards Judges

Awards:Judges from the IDM, IOP, STEP, Caravan Club and other organisations are ready and waiting for award entries which will be judged in March. More